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Are you referring to a full bed here? Does stringing gut and ZX at high tensions increase the COF? You also get a little less durability at high tensions, which could be an issue for some. Does the higher rebound angle of lower tensions not have some advantages, if you apply a lot of spin? You get easier access to spin, less risk of netting the ball.

Again, thanks for all the all the informative replies.
Full bed for sure. But elsewhere too, for the same reasons. Generally, I would prefer to string the gut mains in a gut/copoly hybrid higher. But I don't because I want to the copoly crosses to be as soft as possible. But with gut/ZX, because both are very low-stiffness and neither becomes appreciably stiffer at higher tensions, I think stringing tight would be a good idea. Just looking at the stiffness vs. energy return measurements for ZX suggests it might be most powerful at higher tensions.

My personal objective is to find a stringbed with maximum power that still provides the extra spin and convenience (not having to straighten strings) of freely moving main strings. For several years I played at 5000+ feet, where my serve was awesome. At altitude, ball speed is increased and spin reduced. I was using full copoly strung low or gut/copoly. So I'd like to get some of the speed back that I lost when I came down near sea level, and I don't mind losing a little spin because I'm now naturally getting more spin with heavier air. Gut/ZX seems, on paper, to be the ticket. It might not have quite the spin potential of gut/copoly, or the power of full gut, but it should be right in the middle. Looking forward to trying it out. The people that have tried it have said it was too powerful and hard to control, which is exactly what I want. If I can control full gut I'll be able to control gut/ZX.

I prefer lower tensions, lots of dwell time and a relatively high launch angle. Trav and I seem to be opposites in this regard. Did you see his recent post about high launch angle, court frame of reference and ball speed? I'm a believer in what Nate Ferguson told TW some years ago in an interview - the more power the better, as long as you can control it.

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