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This is my friend's 2009 Federer K90 (racket number 56) mentioned on page 8 of this thread (photos etc below). Finally got around to measuring the specs:-

Weight: 367g (including everything and has 3g lead under the bumper at 12 o'clock)
Balance: 32.2cm
Swingweight: 350

And are these yours knots RJYU? LOL

Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
Yup. Those are my knots. Or, as Nate calls them, "Those beehive looking pieces of sh*t."

The specs are very similar to those of a Federer K90 as measured by Art Art at Roland Garros which are below. He checked that racket, which had no lead under the bumper by the way.
RDC: 68
Weight: 367gr
Balance point: 31.8cm from the but cap
Wilson Gut 1.25mm/AluPower 1.25mm
Wilson overgrip.

If you can imagine some lead was moved from somewhere under the grip in Art Art's, to under the bumper in my friend's racket, that would explain the difference in the balance. I also think there must be a way to do this without changing the swingweight, but it depends where the lead was under the grip in Art Art's racket, and we will never know that unfortunately.

Also the above is the only time I've seen one of Federer's racket tested for RDC, interesting to see it is 68. It is really a pity Art Art wasn't able to get the swingweight checked for that racket, but at least both of these have been checked for lead under the bumper. Fabfed has been brilliant showing all his rackets, but understandably doesn't want to check under the bumper for lead. I looked under the bumper on my friends racket, and it was not easy to do without damaging the bumper!

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