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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
Best outdoor facilities in the ACC in my opinion:

1. FSU: fans can get very close and have a great angle on each of the 6 courts. there are two sets of 6 which allows for a simultaneous men and women's tennis event. Also has point by point scoring on the scoreboards.

2. NC State: Similar to FSU except only 6 not 12 courts. Fans can get right behind the courts from a high angle and watch. Point by point scoring. Also the courts have a red tint for the school colors giving it some personality.

Both NC State and FSU get points for being in the middle of campus

3. Duke: Right in the center of campus which is cool. Good viewing from behind the courts. Not as good as the other two because the stands end at court 5 and you cannot sit right behind 5.

4. Clemson: Good scoreboard and viewing. The stands are little too far away from the courts and there is a fence in the way if you sit too low. Also there are too many seats making it seem like the place is more empty than it is. There is the cool option to stand on the balcony on the other end, where fans are uninhibited by the fence. In the middle of campus. Right on the road and close to downtown excellent location.

5. Georgia Tech. The stands are a bit too low but the courts are right in the city which gives a cool background skyline. They set the players up 1-6 down a line rather the outward fan approach that most use

6. North Carolina. Too secluded. In the middle of the woods no atmosphere around the venue. The courts are spread out too wide and grouped into two groups of 3 courts. Impossible to see action from the other 3 courts from where you are sitting.

7. Wake Forest. No stands. Fans have to stand next to courts like a junior event. In the middle of a grassy field and nowhere near campus.

I have not been to the other ACC facilities. Going to UVA and VT this coming weekend for the first time.
Are you referring to the new GT facilities? I live across the street but I can't play on them

I'm a UNC grad. Terrible location for the tennis. Should have kept it on campus.
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