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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
Big tournament today in the Charlotte area, 260+ players. A guy I know well who got bumped from 4.0 to 4.5 was playing in the third round of singles of a 32 man field. I noticed the paint job and asked him if it was the 99s or 105s. He said he demo'd them both but like the 105s much better and said it was a frame that allows him to stay in point that he otherwise would be out of.

He also noted the incredible lack of power from the 99s but he keeps his 105s strung at 62 with 4g string. I am at 50 with Wilson Spin Cycle, but I have a much much more conservative swing and don't mind that extra pop. Just very interesting and I thought it was worth noting on here as that is a sold 4.5 player who chose the 105s over the 99s after hitting them both.......don't overlook it just because of that 105 number.
Okaaay... I can't say I understand that comment, nope.
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