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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
TCU hornfrogs. and of course, best in the country, Stanford tennis.
Several ppl have mentioned Stanford. The Taube stadium courts are very nice. Like the blue courts and the built-in singles sticks. They went to the US Open series blue courts to accommodate the BOW Classic tournament. It is a shame, however, that they do not keep the blue windscreens. They are used for the BOWC but then are taken down afterward. The green windscreens do not provide the same stellar contrast to the green-yellow ball that the blue screens do.

A glaring flaw with the Taube stadium courts is the orientation. Most outdoor courts at this latitude (37 degrees N) that are intended for daytime play run pretty much North-South. However, the Stanford courts are at about 45 degrees off the norm. This makes the sun much more of an issue during much of the day.

Dick Gould informed me that this orientation was set way back in 1929. The footprint was set parallel to Campus Drive to minimize the amount of real estate the courts (and stadium) would occupy. The newer courts at Taube South across the street are perpendicular to the stadium courts. So these courts are also about 45 degrees off the norm. It is interesting the the 2 sand volleyball courts behind Taube South are line up North-South (no real estate problem here since the 2 adjacent volleyball courts do not take up much space).
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