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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Have you used the manual method before? Have you ever checked the numbers you get against an RDC machine? Any chance you could put it on an RDC for swingweight and flex?

Sorry to suggest more work for you, but this is for the historical record after all.

Yeah, I think, given that P1 puts custom handles on Fed's frames, that swingweight and static weight could remain constant and the balance could be changed from 31.8 cm to 32.2 cm. It would simply requiring removing about 10 grams from the buttcap area to the top of the grip.

I have the impression that pros might be inclined to add mass to the head for clay, rather than remove it, so I wouldn't think the shorter balance that ArtArt measured represents a movement of mass from the tip to the tail. But I could be wrong!

Are you certain that your balance measurement is correct?

Given that FabFed's fedsticks all weighed around 364 grams, the most obvious explanation for ArtArt's 367g, 31.8cm measurements is that Fed just added three grams to the butt to make it more headlight. But then your stick, having the same mass but longer balance, makes it all a bit mysterious.

Nevertheless, yours is the first publicly reported swingweight for the GOAT. In the annals of tennis legend equipment, knowing Mr. Federer's swingweight ranks right up there with knowing that Don Budge used 16 ounce racquets. Some people still say he had the best one-handed backhand, and backhand return of serve, of all time. Equipment sure isn't everything, but it is important.
Yes, I've done lots of manual swingweight measurements before, and they are accurate compared to an RDC machine, always to within like I said +-5. You might not consider that accurate, but actually quite good for manual measurements I think. It's taken 3 years to get this done, so I can't see it going on an RDC machine any time soon frankly, but if it does, will report back here.

As for the balance, I've done it off a table, so that is to within +-3mm. Again it needs a proper balance board measurement really, to be exact.

Thanks for all your info/calculations. Art Art also measured a Wimbledon racket at 362g I believe, so I think Federer's racket weight does change for different tournaments. I still think the likelihood is that the swingweight is about the same though.

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