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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Me neither Ross. The 99s is a stiff thick beamed powerful racquet. Every review mentions the ample power. This is the one and only person in hundreds of threads that calls the 99s "incredibly low powered". Just makes me scratch my head.???
Okay, well I own the 99s and find no power with it.....and I have 2 other guys I play with regularly who own the 99s and both will not use it regularly due to its lack of power compared to what the normally play. I even have my 99s strung at 50# and just cannot get any power with it. After talking with the 4.5 guy today about his 105s choice he has the 105 at 62# and said the 99 did not feel nearly as good to him and had a lack of power that he needed.

So that is 3 out of 3 for people I know who say the 99s has lower power......strung identically compared to a Babolat APD/Head Radical (for the 4.5), and Babolat Pure Drive (for my 4.0 partner). These guys both swing for the fences for most shots and their miss-hits are often high to the fence. Heavy spin and hitter with lots of winners with old frames, both mentioned they cannot hit driving winners with the 99s. For my defensive backboard style I noticed a big lack as well.

The 4.5 said that the 105s is the best frame he has every used.....and I agree completely.
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