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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
try this. put the racquet all the way face down in ptd position with the heading pointing at 5 oclock. total ptd. body coiled and all that. butt of the racquet should be pointing to your hip.
hand is close to the body/hip.
loose everything.
now without moving anything but your hand try to shine the butt at the side fence at about 4 oclock. push your hand away from the body going straight towards the side fence. don't raise or lower the arm at all, just push it out. keep it at the same height above the ground. just try to point the butt at 4 oclock while maintaining face down ptd.
you won't be able to actually point it at 4. what will happen is the butt will end up pointing at 3 oclock. that's what you want.
THEN rotate the body.
try that. you should see/feel a difference than your windshield wiper takeback.
Cheetah! I just realized what you meant by the part in bold! Was standing in the middle of a bookstore playing around with the wrist/hand arm positions (yes, like a crazy person), when I got the lightbulb moment. Very subtle thing, got a little more 'out' before the 'across' on the shadow swing. Will see if I can build on it...
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