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Originally Posted by ART ART View Post
@jimbo333: The curious part here, is to know the specs of your old Federer black prostaff.

When I took the specs of Federer racket, I was told by an "old guy" (Tony) that Federer plays with the old black ProStaff 85 but with a bigger headsize: 90.
So I wonder what's the numbers in those black rackets you have.

Agains't Portugal in the Davis Cup, I saw in the court Federer playing with the 90" version, and then change to the new 93" version, the one that Dimitrov is playing.
Some inside guy at that time, told me that Fed was testing in competition, the new larger headsize of his ProStaff...
Later, we have found that it was truth, and Dimitrov is now using it.

Also, I've been going through some more old threads and finding more specs of Federer's rackets that you've done; so far I've found:-

Paris 2006: 374g 31.3cm
Madrid 2006: 368g 31.2cm
Paris 2008: 367g 31.8cm

Are these correct, and can you list all the Federer specs please that you've actually found out yourself?
(Will save me going through any more old threads)
And I promise to calculate and post the specs of my May2003 racket as soon as I've added lead back in the throat etc.

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