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Default On Court - How often do you look at your stroke HS videos?

When I first started practicing and taking high speed video clips I would warm up and then hit & video a stroke for a few minutes, then repeat. I would review briefly but leave the main stroke analysis for later after I went home and loaded the video clips on my computer.

Often at home I would notice a stroke flaw at the start of my practice. I started reviewing some more on court so that I would not practice and develop muscle memory that included easy to spot flaws that would screw up my stroke timing and technique, etc. .

Now I am considering whether I should take more time and review more thoroughly after every few strokes. This would be a very cumbersome
way to practice and less enjoyable............?

Greg and others who use high speed video on their strokes - How often and how thoroughly do you review your high speed stroke videos on the court?

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