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This defies logic, but sometimes the ONLY stick in my arsenal (consisting of mainly 4 16X18 Pro staff 6.1's 95's Classic through K Factor, Prestige Pro, and Dunlop M-Fil 300) that I can hit well with is a Graphite Edge that is almost 30 years old???

Sometimes I am seriously just not "feeling it" and low and behold I take out the 83sq inch Edge and start producing WHIPPY FOREHANDS WITH DEPTH AND PACE AND EFFORTLESS KICK SERVES? WTF???

It makes no sense, but it is real and my opponents have been floored that they are getting beat by a "dinosaur" stick. These old sticks should be flat hitting and low powered...but my most common miss is long!

I'm convinced there is a major "placebo" effect going on, which proves that when you put your mind to it you can hit modern spin with anything. the Edge just that good and a great secret? If so I better gobble all the cheap ones up off "the bay" before the secret is out.
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