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Originally Posted by tlm
The excuses just go on+on,some of this crap is unreal.Nadals game is terrible,what in the hell are you talking about serve+volley.Yea it looks like his game sucks,wake up to the times s+v is dead.
Just because the vast majority of players don't use it anymore doesn't mean it's dead.

Funny how there is always talk about nadal getting injured,he is a real athlete,not some scrawny wimp.I think a lot of fed fans are just hoping he does,that might be there only hope.
It doesn't matter that he's not a scrawny wimp. He plays a very, very physically stressful game. I think any impartial analyst would agree that any player who plays such a style does so at a higher risk of injury.

The kid showed how a champion plays,never gave up even when it looked like he was done.Now fed he was the one that looked like he was 19.

Big time tennis god ,best of all time my ***.He choked with a capital C,this is were a real champion comes through.He had that match numerous time+could not come through,he crumbled under the pressure.

Not nadal he came through like a real champion does,he got 1 match point+ match is over.
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