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Originally Posted by Centryx View Post
hrb send me an email we can discuss, i've swung the old 6.1's and yes they do feel great and powerful but I like the control I get with these much more compared to the 6.1 with an 18x20 pattern. I don't think its fair to compare a 18x20 racquet with an 16x18 just my 2 cents

but yeah back to the original question anyone got the numbers or can point me in the direction of?

You are correct...I am clearly an 16x18 man (except for an old Graphite Edge that strangely enough is the stick I'm hitting "lights out" with lately...but that's another story).

I just like trying other sticks, but keep coming back to my Pro-Staffs....anyways that stick is back on the big auction site if you are has about 4 days left for bidding.
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