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Tension used for playtest: M:55 X:52 on constant pull machine

Regular string set up: Dunlop Black widow 16 @ 57/55

Racquet brand and model used for test: Aeropro Drive 2012

Power of test string: The Volkl V-Torque is a medium powered poly, not overly powerful but not dropping the ball incredibly short on normal ground strokes. Compares well with cyclone in that respect.

Feel: Pretty crisp and clean feel for a poly. It isn't as much as Signum pro poly plasma, but not muted like Pro tornado either. I knew where the ball was on the string bed at all times.

Spin: The best part of this string was its spin potential. It was very good, and it was a heavy explode off the court spin, not an up and down spin that sits up for your opponent spin like Kirsch. Spikey shark. Serves had good action on them, but slices didn't bite quite as much as I would prefer.

Comfort: I do not have arm or shoulder problems so this is a little less critical for me, but this string wasn't harsh. If I were concerned about comfort I would recommend dropping the tension down to the low 50's or high 40's but it didn't have weird vibrations and was relatively soft on par with Cyclone again definitely not Black widow though.

Durability: After eight hours of total play (probably three hours of hitting balls on the wall and with a partner and the rest of the time was sets of singles and doubles) the string is dead and moving around quite a bit. Tension is still feeling ok but the playability is gone. I should have probably cut it out at the six hour mark. I'm not a big string breaker so it's normal that it didn't break for me...

Playability Duration: I played the V-torque the day after stringing, and it was ready to go, no settling time needed. It was very solid until the six hour mark where the life of the string was just kinda not there anymore. This seems pretty average for most poly's and I wouldn't have expected much more than that.

Control: Another area where this string shined was control. It was predictable, and precise. The trajectory was lower than my usual Black Widow, so I did have to add a little extra height to compensate in order to maintain depth and net clearance. Volley control was great, placement was accurate and depth control was not an issue at all.

Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to Black Widow... V-torque is not as soft or spin friendly, but its spin is heavier. It is easier to hit flat strokes with V-Torque, and directional control is better. Feel is more crisp and tension maintenance is more stable. Ironically none of this is why I choose to play BW so often. V-Torque does not have as much power as BW but it also doesn't become a rocket launcher which is a plus.

Tension recommendations: Tension probably would have been better in the low 50's it would have freed up this string a bit in power and would have been a bit softer.

List any final thoughts: The V-Torque is a solid all around string with no offensive qualities at all. The spin and control are at the forefront of this string and power is available but not overwhelming by any means. The only downside for me is there was nothing special about this string, It didn't have any one quality that left me wanting to hit it again. For example, I play BW in spite of some drawbacks it has because of the Incredible spin and controlled power when it is freshly strung. By the end I am wanting to cut it out just so I can restring it and do it all over again. V-Torque didn't do this for me.

Tennis Warehouse Thank you for the opportunity to participate in another playtest and for the above and beyond customer service you guys continue to provide.
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