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Originally Posted by DaveInBradenton View Post
I've played tennis since 1958 and until today have never seen a metal racket press.

Were they not popular in the US?

As a boy I had hand me down wooden presses with springs and thumb screws. God forbid that our rackets should warp!

Of course the better players never took their presses to the courts. If somebody arrived at the (public) courts with their racket in a press, you knew they were beginners and to be avoided.

Beginners also wore BLACK SOCKS and other NON-WHITE outfits. How times have changed!

I don't know if metal presses were popular in the US, but all mine were made in the UK, except one which was made in France. So seeing as neither of us has seen a US made metal press, then I'm guessing they weren't popular in the US!

Also I have to say that it feels wrong to be playing tennis in socks that aren't white even now for me
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