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Tension used for playtest: 55lb on klippermate
Regular string set up: tourna big hitter blue rough 16gauge
Racquet brand and model used for test: wilson blx six one 95 16x18 (2010)
Power of test string: The string is low to mid power .The string has lower power than my usual set up. When I was play testing this string, I swing much harder than I usually do, yet the ball can still land inside the line.
Spin: The spin is above average, a little bit less than bhbhr, pretty close to cyclone. The spin production on both ground stroke and serve are really nice. I think even though the spin production is less than my usually setup, but I was able to hit more spin because it is less powerful and allow me have a bigger swing.
Comfort: The string feels stiff when it is freshly strung, but after 30min-45 min of hitting, it feels much more comfortable. The string gives a crisp and comfortable feel. The comfort is average comparing to newer generation poly. I experience no pain or any discomfort during this play test.
Durability: Same as most of the poly in the market, the string lasted me about 15-20 hours till it pop.I never really care about the durability of the poly, since they go dead long before they break.
Playability Duration: After 10hours it play much better than my usually set up, the playability declined, but not as much comparing to other strings I tried, alu rought,rpm, or bhbr. It plays decent until it pop.
Compare to the string you use most often: Comparing the bhbr 16g, less pin, less power, crispier feel, less comfort, same playability, better playability duration and nicer color. It is a nice string, I really enjoyed the playtest. The neon green color looks really nice on a nice sunny day.
Tension recommendations: 53 on a open string pattern, and 50 on a dense string pattern.
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