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Originally Posted by Slick Tennis View Post
Currently on a lenghty playtest of the new T-Fight 305. My first time with a TF stick. Long time follower of these boards where I picked up some great tips and ideas. Long time Ti.Radical and Microgel Radical user. 4.5 level player. Getting great pop on my groundies with this T-Fight. On the forehand, I feel I can easily go from heavy spin to flat and get depth with little effort. Lots of free power, and must say, awesome ability to simply 'slap" the ball. Volleys are also rock solid. Downsides for me are the slice (still not used to the balance) and, to my surprise the flat serve. One thing I must mention is that, on occasion, when going big, I get a strange ping sound (even with dampener). It sounds silly but it reminisces of hitting a golf ball with a driver. All in all, this frame's got lots of potential, I was previously playtesting the Head Graphene Speed Pro and really liked the solidity at impact but with this one, the ability to change ball direction and attack the forehand is giving me more freebies. I still believe I haven't fully tapped into the frame's full potential just yet, esp. on the serve. Strung with Tour Bite at 55lbs.
peliwo plays the 305 with TF razor code at around 55lb and it makes that same kind of sound when he hits the ball. must be something to do with the frame
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