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Originally Posted by PhxRacket View Post
Whilst trying not to give in to time (and age) I have shoulder, lower back and infrequent elbow pain. Looking for stock stretching exercises that can help regain range of motion without minor pain. Or should I just live with it? BTW does glucosamine/chondroitin work for users? Or just the marketers?
For the shoulder, elbow and wrist, it is hard to beat the Thrower's Ten exercises:

For your back pain, you may want to review the exercises in the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue

You also may want to review the currently running thread on low back pain
Anything actually work for low back pain?

And the currently thread on Egoscue therapy:
"Pain Free" by Pete Egoscue

I think you will find lots of information in those above threads that will be be very applicable to you.

The underlying theme is that when muscles (which are elastic) are week, they allow too much force to be applied to non-elastic tendons, joints and bones - resulting in inflammation and pain.

[The surprising thing is you don't have to be as strong as someone lifting heavy weights - just be "strong enough" all over to take the stress off the abused structures.]

I hope you find your "holy grail' of being pain free through exercise like so many others have.

Good luck!

[Of course if you are having severe persistent pain you need to get checked out medically.]
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