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Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
I'm loving the pro staff 95 as well. Very surprised how easy it is to play with and I don't find it lacking in power like many reviews have said. Mine is strung with Lux Alu in the mains at 50 and NRG2 at 52 in the crosses. Great combination. Comfortable and control. Ive only been hitting with it for a few days so I admit I'm still on the honeymoon, but so far so good. And btw I'm just an upper 3.5 (4.0 on a good Day), so I encourage anyone at that level or up to give it a try. String setup is the key to making this racquet work on many levels.
Hey BC! Still liking your VCore Xi98? I got a demo coming. I see you're selling your Instinct. What didn't u like about it?

About the BLX95...isn't that a 12 oz. racquet? I tried it once briefly and was surprised at how easily it swing for a 12 oz racquet. But I am currently trying to stay away from "players sticks" until my play improves. I am trying to make things easier on myself...especially with the brutal Atlanta summer coming
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