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(I'm in white shorts here)

Second match of the tournament was against a junior. More aggressive and consistent than my opponent in the first match. And had pretty good wheels, could run down most of my shots. I started out quite well, trying to be consistent with controlled aggression. Got out to a 4-1 lead, then started going for too much. Going for too much, too soon...and with no reason to! He levelled it 4-4, but I managed to get my head sorted and close out the first set 6-4.

Then, despite telling myself not to let up, I lost my serve to start the second set! Luckily the opponent did the same. I started mixing up the pace, and got the win 6-4, 6-2.

Forehand was nice and loose, backhand slice got a bit too floaty at times. Need to move my feet.

My serve is still MIA! First serve % was something like 30% in the first set, so I just ended up spinning it in to start the point. Luckily the opponent's serve was attackable, so I had quite a few breaks of serve. My return game was good today. Still, I will need my serve to improve soon. I can't keep depending on service breaks. Sooner or later, I'm gonna run into a guy with a better serve...

Still, it's quite interesting to work on my match toughness. Lots of stray thoughts to block out, but I mostly kept my head straight by telling myself to focus on the process.

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