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Originally Posted by 10isDad View Post
He definitely has that European/Australian/Eastern Bloc pipeline down pat. When our team played them last year, 6 of their top 8 players had ATP points (current or past). The team was cocky (they probably had good reason to be) and rude. The coaches (including Earnshaw) were frankly d-bags to the other teams. I was very impressed with their play, but not terribly impressed w/ their on-court antics.
funny you mention that - Watched them a few years ago when the NCAA had the DII festival here in Houston and AA played Barry for the NCAA DII title (AA blew Barry away).......AA and Simon sure did not make any friends with the organizers nor endear themselves to the crowd and the other players. As you said Rude and the men all kinda acted like jerks and this was back in 2008.

Does he have ANY American kids on the teams??? I dont think he has one on either the mens or womens teams........doubt he even tries too
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