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Originally Posted by Clemson_tennis View Post
If you had a chance to get Georgie Rumenov would you turn him down for a 3 star American kid?
Unlikely, but circumstances could dictate otherwise. Such as if the 3 star was offered a scholarship/roster spot first, grades/TOEFL/ACT, age, etc. Suprised we don't see more kids like him transfer to larger schools after their freshman or sophmore years. Remember Dumbiaya (sp?) transfered from Auburn-Montgomery to Georgia and played very successfully at both.

Conversely, their are a lot of international players in college tennis who are not very strong tennis players. But they get roster spots that the coach can't fill with an American.

Given American tennis jr.'s pickiness, it's easy for me to understand why many DII and NAIA top ranked teams are loaded with very strong international players.
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