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Mary Carillo is actually proof they dont always automatically go with the bigger name commentators. Carillo was a journeywomen singles player, who rode her buddy John McEnroe to a mixed doubles slam, and is far more in demand than Navratilova and Evert. If all 3 wanted a position somewhere Carillo would win out hands down. Shriver is far more in demand than Navratilova as well. Until recently she more in demand than Evert, but Shriver's declining commentary skills, accomponied by embarassments like the Blake Wimbledon fiasco, allowed an improved Evert who has toned down alot of the BS of her 90s commentary to demote her role beneath Evert at ESPN. In terms of their value as commentators:


-----huge gap-----

Evert and Shriver (about on par)

------another huge gap------

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