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Tension used for playtest: 52 lbs on a drop weight
Regular string set up: Volkl Cyclone 18 at 52/50 lbs
Racquet brand and model used for test: Yonex V-Core Tour 89

Power of test string: A pretty powerful copoly. More power than Volkl Cyclone for sure. Easier to generate power with this string but it wasn’t too much.

Feel: It felt somewhat mushy to me at first. As the tension dropped it began to feel better like a normal poly.

Spin: It had a lot of spin potential. However I feel like I got more spin out of Volkl Cyclone probably due to the stiffer feeling. But it has noticeable spin potential.

Comfort: It never felt stiff or boardy. It was pretty easy on the arm. It just felt mushy then felt normal again. Maybe next time I’ll lower the tension a bit to get that more consistent feel. Even after the tension drop the strings still felt soft.

Durability: I’ve had my racquet strung for a few weeks now and probably played about 6 hours on them. Besides the tension dropping, I think the strings are not close to snapping.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time): I think at the tension I strung it at there needed to be a break in period. I think if I strung it lower it would’ve been perfect from the start. I think the strings felt better at a lower tension. I was able to find the depth in my shots that I normally would with my regular set up. I was also able to find the spin I need for my serves. Even after the 6 or so hours the strings are still playable.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?): I think the strings had great control. I was able to hit the areas I wanted with the spin I could generate with. Being a more powerful racquet than my normal set up I had to brush the ball more to get the same shots I normally would. Overall it has great control.

Compare to the string you use most often: I like it but I would probably stick with Volkl Cyclone 18 just due to the lower power of the string as well as the spin I can get with it. V-Torque has more power than Cyclone. It also seems softer than Cyclone as well. Maybe it’s a good string for those who are trying out polys for the first time or so. It has a unique feel to it as well. The design of the string definitely stands out.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?): For midsize racquets I recommend going a little lower, maybe I should have done like 52/48 instead of just 52. It felt mushy for some reason and really low powered but after an hour or so it began to shine. For MP I think low 50s should be fine. I don’t think it’ll feel great at a upper 50 tension because it may feel boardy.

List any final thoughts.
Yet another great string from Volkl. It’s great spin potential. Just isn’t the string I would.

Thanks TW for allowing me to be a part of this play test!
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