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Originally Posted by BC1 View Post
VCore Xi98 and G Instinct - both are very good racquets. Nothing wrong with either of them. I'm not using them now only because I got the sickness that we all have. I played as good with them as I have any other racquet. But because I am a holic, I can always find something not to like. For example, the vcore xi98 looks started bothering me, head shape started to bug me (looks only) and the color of the deep red/maroon PJ. How is that for being superficial!? But I'm being honest. As far as the instinct, it's about as ridiculous... The very oval head shape was bothering me and the HEAD grip shape. All of this should and could be easily overlooked, but there's just too many racquets out there and neither of these excited me enough to give up the pd2012 or to stop looking. Both racquets seemed to be very good in all areas, but nothing stood out as being special.

The Wilson Prostaff 95 that I just got is 11.7 strung (.2 oz over spec - not too bad for a Wilson). It is approximately 7 pts HL strung. With over grip the static weight is 11.9 but the SW is definitely manageable and very manueverable. I would guess the SW is around 315-318. It only feels slightly "heavier" over the course of a match the all of the others I've been using. And I'm playing just as consistent, but feel like I'm playing "better" tennis. The pluses are I'm hitting some amazing angles and controlled targeted winners, and heavier shots. I wasn't getting this with the others and the feel is much better. It's got the control you would expect, but it is more forgiving then you would think, and because of the string job, the power is there - IF you swing at it. You can't just throw it out there and expect a winner - though it is possbible, just not as likely.

True the PS95 is not as "easy" as the tweeners, or say the 104, but I'm starting to believe it doesn't matter what I play with. Over the course of a match I seem to have the same end results. I may miss a few that I would have made with an easier racquet, but I make up for it with more control and unreturnable shots. I find myself getting lazy with the pd or tweeners, and i don't seem to fall into the same bad habits with PS95 (you can't). But I'm not saying I finally found "the one", I know myself way too well. But I can say it is a much better racquet, and easier to play with, then I imagined. And it's not just a "light players racquet". It really is unlike any racquet I have tried. BUT IF YOU TRY, I BELIEVE YOU MUST GO WITH LOW TENSION 48-50. AND A HYBRID SET-UP.

I would actually be curious how the PS95 stacks up with the TEC 315 16x19 that is getting all the attention lately. The specs are almost identical except for the slight difference in flex. The PS is a little stiffer so I would imagine a little more powerful and slightly easier, however the 315 has a 98in head. Makes me want one! Did you ever try the one you ordered?

Call me crazy, but I bet most players at our level can do equally well with ANY racquet from 10.5-11.7 ounces, 95-104 headsize, and SW 300-320. It comes down to personal preference and "believing" in the racquet. That translates into confidence - which is everything.
Hey thanks for the update on what's been going on with you
I have to say I TOTALLY AGREE with what you said about the racquet not making much difference at all. I have played with everything from a Dunlop 200 to a Red 105 and everything in between and can play pretty much my regular game with any of them. As long as the racquet isn't too heavy or too low powered, my game will be just like usual. I have also stayed with one racquet for as long as 6 month's and saw some improvement with the familiarity, but nothing game changing. I really only need a few days with a frame to get used to it completely. So frame choice should be mostly based on personal preference IMO. As long as you aren't playing with something totally out of your league or completely wrong for you.
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