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Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Durable in which sense? Holds tension better? Then natural gut feels fresh for a longer moment, very longer moment. That's why people still use it: nobody has found yet something that stays fresh as long as gut. More durable as the ability to take a beating on the court? Then s-gut is going to do better at this, thanks to its monofilament core that adds resistance. Not all multis though, since they tent to try to copy gut's proprieties. You have stuff like TGV (true multi with a tons of threads) all the way to XR3 (three cores of multi to be more durable), and so on. But in a hybrid they should hold longer.
I disagree.

High-quality natural gut is far more durable than synthetic gut. For me, it usually lasts 3X to 4X as long as say Prince Synthetic Gut Duraflex.

Of course, if you swing hard enough to snap a poly in an hour, then it won't make any difference whether you get natural or synthetic. But for most recreational players, natural gut would prove far more durable.
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