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Tension used for playtest: 48lb Very easy to string
Regular string set up: Volk Cyclone/ Prince Synthetic gut 48/52
Racquet brand and model used for test: Prince Rebel 95 (2009)
Power of test string: Low-Mid. The ball speed is significantly slower than my normal set-up on both ground strokes and serves. Some of my ground stroke land shorter than expected.
Spin: The spin is average, comparable to cyclone and just how I like it.
Feel: Full poly bed felt very mute, that is why I usually go with hybrid. Other than that, it was crisp.
Comfort: The string bed at 48# was very stiff in the beginning; my elbow did not like it. After 1hr of hitting it was crisp and somewhat playable.
Playability Duration: The string pop in the middle of the string bed after 5hrs of play. A little bit unusual for me; I usually pop my cyclone after 13-17 hrs. Playability remains consistent throughout the short play test.
Compare to the string you use most often: V-torque has a lot of characteristic of cyclone. Itís a bit softer, lower power, and not as lively as cyclone.
Control: Predictable bounce and ball path after adjusting for the sting low level of power on ground stroke and serve. Did not like the control of touch shots due to the lack of responsiveness and feel of the string.
Tension recommendations: If I play with full poly, I would string it at 40# or normal tension for hybrid.

Thanks Volkl and TW for the playtest
Prince EXO3 Rebel, BHBR17 or Volk Cyclone M, PSGD X @ 45/54, 48/55
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