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40 year old 3.5. Playing for two years. Semi Western FH, OHBH.

Tension used for playtest
45 on drop weight

Regular string set up
Still looking. Recently have used BHB7 16, Genesis Hexonic 16L and Iontec Black 17 after using OSGM for the winter.

Racquet brand and model used for test
Prince Tour Diablo Mid

Ease of stringing
Not bad. Some coil memory, but nowhere near Hexonic.

Power of test string - 3.5/5 for poly
I would call it slightly above average for a poly. More than Hexonic, less than BHB7 and Iontec Black 17. It was just about perfect for my forehand, but my weaker backhand could have used a bit more. If the temperatures were warmer (played mostly in the 50s and up to 63 degrees) it would be good for my backhand as well.

Feel - 4/5
A well struck forehand was perfection. Crisp, but not harsh. My net play is a bit suspect but I did not have any issues with V-Torque. Does not feel quite at nice at net as Iontec Black 1.20, but good enough.

Spin - 4/5
Spin was quite good. It wasn't quite up to BHB7 levels for me, but it was more consistent. I wear the edges of BHB7 after 4-5 hrs and the spin starts to deteriorate. The shape of this string stayed true through the playtest, so while spin at the beginning was not quite up to BHB7 I belive it to be equal about hafway through the string life and probably more at the end just because the spin does not seem to drop much with V-Torque as I played..

Comfort - 3/5
Good, not great. The first day out the temps were about 48 degrees when I hit the court and dropped some from there. I had just cut out Iontec that I had been playing with in those temps and that didn't bother my elbow. V-Tourque unfortunately did. I took a few days hitting with my EXO3 Tour with gut/poly to let the tenderness go away and then only played the V-Tourque indoors and when the temps were at least in the mid 50s. I didn't have any more problems after that. Don't play poly's below 50 degrees. It will be close to 70 this weekend and I will probably end my playtest after a couple more days on the court.

Durability 4/5
These notch less quickly than both BHB7 and Iontec. This is a string I will cut before it breaks, which is the case with all but one poly I have used (Iontec 1.20)

Playability Duration 4.5/5
I was impressed with how consistent it played over the 10 hours I hit with it. A very good string for the full duration is better for me than a string that is spectacular to start and then dies quickly.

Control 4/5
Consistent and predictable. Not a lot of launched shots.

Compare to the string you use most often
I just switched to this racquet this winter and have not yet found my go-to setup. Compared to what I have played lately:
V-Torque vs Hexonic - V-Torque has similar spin, more comfort, more power, longer playability
V-Torque vs BHB7 - V-Torque has less spin to start, more at the end, a little less comfort, a little less power and longer playability
V-Torque vs Iontec Black - V-Torque has more spin, less comfort, less power and slightly longer playability

Tension recommendations
For this time of year I would have liked to string it up a couple pounds lower, but for temps above 60 it was great.

List any final thoughts.
This is a really good string. I need consistency in my play and I think this string would fit the bill. It seemed to be above average in all aspects and I didn't really find a weakness. I have a few others to try this spring but this is in the running for my setup for this summer. I am usually quite cheap and like to see pricing a couple bucks less per string job but if the playability stays longer it is worth the extra money for me. I will probably try the 18g in search of a little more pop and spin.
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.

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