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Originally Posted by fmaddin View Post
I recently got a demonstrator from TW with really textured strings. I asked about them and they didn't exactly know what string was in the racquet. They said they thought it was either RPM Blast 17 or ISOSPEED Baseline Control String 16. Def not RPM Blast, Iíve used that.

They were black, thin (seemed 17g), and edges that seemed quite sharp. It seemed square and if I ran my finger across it, it would catch the skin like a knife edge. I donít see the ISOSPEED in anything but a reel, and I donít see people talking about it being crazy textured.

In searching for this string, Iíve tried Gamma Moto 17 and Solinco Tour Bite. Iíve tried a number of other rough strings in the past.

Any ideas? I'd imagine TW has to carry it since they did the stringing.
What was the brand/model of the frame? It's actually unlikely TW strung it. Their standard demo string (IIRC) is NXT (?) unless the manufacturer requests otherwise. Most of those non standard strings are customer strung
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