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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hey thanks for the update on what's been going on with you
I have to say I TOTALLY AGREE with what you said about the racquet not making much difference at all. I have played with everything from a Dunlop 200 to a Red 105 and everything in between and can play pretty much my regular game with any of them. As long as the racquet isn't too heavy or too low powered, my game will be just like usual. I have also stayed with one racquet for as long as 6 month's and saw some improvement with the familiarity, but nothing game changing. I really only need a few days with a frame to get used to it completely. So frame choice should be mostly based on personal preference IMO. As long as you aren't playing with something totally out of your league or completely wrong for you.
Yes, that's pretty mucch what I was trying to say in my way to long previous post, but now I'm wondering if it was all a bunch of bull. I just played for two hours with it. I was tired and sluggish to begin with (no sleep) plus its in the high 80s and feels like 100 with the humidity. Anyway I guess I'm making excuses but the play wasn't as successful or enjoyable asit was the last couple of times. Hopefully just an off day. I hope I just wasn't honeymooning with it!! I was still able to pull off some good shots and remain pretty consistent. Just nothing to brag about.
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