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Originally Posted by Flash O'Groove View Post
The Olympic is important for the player, but it gives really little information about a player's greatness. It happens once every four years, and you need a bit of luck to win it: you need to have you best form at the moment the olympic happen. Between two olympics, 16 slams are played, which means that luck isn't as important. If you were hurt, or not able to find your best form for whatever reasons, you have 15 other opportunity to do better.

We all know that Murray is the best olympic player right now. We all know that he wouldn't if the olympic was played each years. And we all know that neither Rosset nor Massu are great players.
I don't see its lucky to win a gold medal..he had to win 6 matches in 9 days..its no luckier than any other tourney.

and so what if marc rosset won a gold as well, petr korda, and andreas gomez won majors ??...if you don't agree that's fine, but the Olympics are becoming as important as majors to top players and that trend will continue.
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