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Today I tried a YouTek Prestige MP. It was an alright racquet, but it lacks that light feeling combined with a heavy (at least imo) racquet that candy cane has. It's lighter, but it feels heavier than candy cane somehow. I honestly didn't like it. I'm trying to find a YT IG Prestige Mid as some people are saying that racquet is awesome.

Originally Posted by Centryx View Post
you know what is funny I have a candy cane and it seems to me that it plays light, just by swinging the three different versions capped the candy cane has a lower SW and weight overall compared to a Zebra (highest and heaviest) bumblebee (2nd in weight) candy cane (3rd lightest)
Exactly Centryx. Although my candy cane is 341g strung (heavier than most modern stuff), it feels pretty light and confortable. That's one of the things I can't seem to find in another racquet. I feel a great control with the right amount of power with my candy cane.
My zebra is 347g tho, but it feels way heavier like you said.

Originally Posted by Tamiya View Post
I capped a LM Rad and it does feel more plush than its twin uncapped.

From their modern lineup, the YT iG Prestige S feels more like a Rad than a Prestige
I'm a bit afraid trying a racquet with such a small head. I already have some problems hitting the sweetspot because I'm not used to focus on the ball all the way to the contact point so Prestige S may enhance that problem. Does this make sense?

Originally Posted by Thepowerofchoice View Post
Try putting Head Prestige midplus grommets (full capped) on to your new Radical. Also add some silicone inside the buttcap to match weight and balance to your Radical Tour Twintube.
Hmmm. That's an interesting idea. I already tried to lead up my ig radical to try to create a candy cane feel but I failed it miserably. I put some lead on 12 and on handle. Maybe the full cap grommets will give a more natural weight than lead does. I'll see if I can find those grommets for sale here. Thanks for this alternative.

Thanks everyone for the responses and keep'em coming. =)
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