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Tension used for playtest: 57 lbs
Regular string set up: Kevlar/syn gut hybrid @ 57 lbs
Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Pro Tour (Trisys 280)
Power of test string: This string seemed pretty in line with other 17g polys I’ve used. It’s definitely for people that bring power to the table, and I wonder if the shape had anything to do with it 6/10
Feel: Since I’m used to Kevlar, there was no problem for me in terms of comfort. There was a different feel at contact for me, though, and I’m thinking it’s the shape. This was the first shaped string I’ve used, and I think I like it 8/10
Spin: Again, since was my first shaped string, I was loving the spin and seeing the difference. I have been learning some different techniques with my forehand from the boards, and I believe the string accentuated the positive effects. Very comparable to my normal kevlar 9/10
Comfort: Nice and crisp, the way I like it. Like I said above, no comfort issues, very pleased 9/10
Durability and/or Playability Duration: I’m not known to be a string breaker, and that holds true for this play test. I feel the deadness of poly more on my serves than on ground strokes, so the strings went from competitive to casual use. The overall drop in playability wasn’t too bad 8/10
Control: It was an interesting experience to have a string increase spin to a noticeable degree but not inversely effect control. After getting used to the spin, control was there, just modified to fit the spin. Any 3.5+ player would know what I’m talking about 8.5/10
Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to Kevlar, it was a “little less” in few departments (crispness, durability) but a “little more” in a few, too (I’d say feel, power). It’s hard to pull me away from Kevlar, but I really want to explore shaped string if they play like this!
Tension recommendations: I wouldn’t change it, I like high tension regardless of string.
Other thoughts: Can’t wait to try other shaped strings, and great job Volkl!
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