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The iridium coating has a reputation for scratching easily.
Has anyone noticed this?

I like the amber polarized lenses with 30% light transmission.

These still stop 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

I find it interesting that there are many who won't wear sunglasses, and that the other camp is to wear fairly dark tints.

My problem with very dark lenses is that they cause the ball to look like a dark blob, and don't permit as much contrast with the court and background.

The amber still removes over 2/3 of the light coming in, the polarization cuts glare, and the amber color makes the ball "pop" out against backgrounds.

Amber is a color favored by many hunters and anglers for the high contrast it provides.

Because the lenses aren't too dark, you can still get great contrast on overcast days, and even fairly late into the evening.

They also make a nice driving lens.

Edit: NE1410is, wrote the above before seeing your post in the other thread that the polarized amber lenses have been discontinued. It seems the bronze would be the closest color match, but hopefully you'll get other opinions to help you decide.

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