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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
For me, it's weaving and getting them through some tight spots where the mains and crosses are very close
And because the stringbed gets tighter with every string you tension, weaving gets tougher and tougher as you near the finish line. I wouldn't say I've had trouble, but my fingertips are a little sore afterwards.

Definitely a big difference between the first cross and 14th cross.

I did a little better with my knots when I strung the cyclone, but it seemed a little softer than the Gamma Poly Z.

Thus far, I've strung Gamma TNT 2 in a 16x20 pattern, Gamma Poly Z in an 18x20 pattern and Volkl Cyclone in a 16x19. I would say the TNT was definitely easier for the knots, but there wasn't a huge difference in weaving process to me. Also, the Cyclone was a 2-piece job, the other two were one-piece.

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