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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Ahahahaa you wish. I just love how Federer comes back and wins Wimby and puts his detractors like yourself back into your armchair. That's the fun part for me,proving time and time again that his slam count is here to stay and certainly not a disgrace that is Nadal to break it. What an utter scandal it would be if Nadal overtakes Fed by padding his slam count with cheap RGs.

Oh and a one trick pony like Nadal can never be GOAT. NEVER,not in the eyes of the sane anyway. I feel sorry for Federer haters like yourself, all you have is a one-dimensional moonballer to save you the blushes.

PS: Hoodjem, if Laver is the GOAT then so be it. I'm sure he was a great player back in the day and he can stake his claim to be GOAT. What's most important for me as a Federer fan is that Roger has tremendous respect for Laver and the affection isn't one sided. They're both class acts which I admire and it's great for the game.
How about someone who was beaten 19 times by a one "trick pony"?
Djokovic2011 on Nadal at RG :"Peak Graf would've given him a good run for his money".
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