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Default Unpredictable.

Tension used for playtest - 52lbs

Regular string set up - Volkl Cyclone, 18 g at 48 lbs

Racquet brand and model used for test - Yonex VCORE Tour 89

Power of test string - 5/10
Feel - 7/10
Spin - 5/10
Comfort - 7/10
Durability - 9/10

Playability Duration - The string felt good right after stringing. But, that's about it. And it only felt so good. It wasn't mushy nor was it crisp. It was soft for a poly and it played about the same for a week.

Control - The string was really unpredictable. The trajectory was rather low and I kept hitting balls into the tape. I made a lot of unforced errors (where the ball just didn't go over). The string bed really didn't react the way I was used to when I have Cyclone or anything else in it.

Compare to the string you use most often - I like Cyclone 18 in my racquet. This one felt softer and a little more comfortable upon impact, but, that's not to say that Cyclone is uncomfortable by any means. This is just softer. Stringing was a lot easier as well - doesn't have much coil memory and was very soft as a poly.

Tension recommendations - I would recommend this as a low tension string. Even at low tensions, I couldn't get much of a trampoline effect. The string didn't offer power which is fine for a big hitter. But, the string also didn't offer much spin. Perhaps this is a string where it's better if it's hand-strung or strung at a ridiculously low tension.

List any final thoughts - I did NOT like this string at all. The ball flew off the racquet unpredictably. Most of the time I'd hit the tape with my regular swing. I couldn't generate enough spin with it to keep the ball in if I drastically arced the ball. It's a soft, easy to string string and I liked that a lot. But, I really wouldn't play with this string even if someone gave me a second set.
Yonex EZONE Ai98 w/ Volkl Cyclone 17g @ 50lbs
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