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4.0-4.5 player, baseliner, flat/spinny FH, 2HBH

Tension used for playtest
54 lbs on dropweight

Regular string set up
Solinco Tour Bite Soft 17 @53
(alternates b/w Tourna BHB7)

Racquet brand and model used for test
Head IG Radical Pro

Ease of stringing
Pretty simple to string, no real problems. Glided along.

Power of test string - Low-Medium
String provided ample power, overshot a little sometimes, but that was due more to the racket than the string. But for the most part, provided good depth for me on most shots. Worked very well for my BH, shots were going in deeper.

The feel of the string was pretty comfortable, A little less stiff than TBS17, a bit firmer than BHB7, and maybe about the same as Volkl Cyclone 18. I generally like full beds of softer poly, and this almost fit the bill perfectly.

Upon initial examination of the string, you can see that it's shaped like the Mercedes Benz logo, and you would think that it could give off some major spin. However, I didn't really notice any more extra spin than normal. I'd say its probably a bit less then BHB7 and TB Soft.

I thought the string was perfectly comfortable, as the feel is about what cyclone feels like. I usually don't have too many problems with poly, (I can handle TB 17 at 57 in an APD without any real problems) and this string actually felt pretty comfortable. Like I said earlier, a bit stiffer then BHB7, but still pretty soft. Not sure if my comfort rating will really mean much, not too sure if my robotic arm will apply to other people

The string is pretty durable, I usually cut polys out almost right before I break them, and this one is still in my racket. Hasn't really notched too much for me which is impressive.

Playability Duration
I've probably hit around 8-10 hrs with this string and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the playability. I'm usually not the best judge of when a string starts to deteriorate, but it really hasn't begun moving around too much.
The string certainly doesn't feel dead to the point where it needs to be cut out yet. And there hasn't been any significant notching thus far.

I'm pretty satisfied with the control of the poly, there aren't really too many polys that i've come across that have lacked control, I think the only one i've really hit with that I had to cut it out immediately was polyfibre hexablade? Although this string is far from that. I wouldn't say it's as good as BHB7, RPM, TB in the first couple of hours, but it definitely performs a little better after the 5 hr mark.

Compare to the string you use most often
The strings i've used most often as of late are the following:
BHB7 17
RPM Blast 17
TB Soft 17 (string of choice for now)

Strings i've just tried recently once:
MSV Focus Hex (old version)
Volkl Cyclone

I'd say TB and BHB7 are my top 2, and I'd probably place Volkl V-Torque a step higher then the other strings i've used. The spin you get from TB and the plush feel of BHB7 is second to none. I'd maybe say that V Torque is about a hybrid of both, but on a lower quality scale.

Tension recommendations
I played at 54, and I'd stick with usual poly advice, probably string no higher than 55. Of course it also depends on the racket.

List any final thoughts:

I think it's one of the better strings i've tried (I haven't tried an excessive amount like some of the other big names on the forum), but compared to the brands i've normally used, I'd say it was definitely a good string. I would almost certainly buy it to try again, but I probably wouldn't keep it as my string of choice. For now, my top 2 picks are BHB7 and TB Soft. I plan on trying the Yonex Polytour Pro sometime in the near future.

Anyways, thanks to TW and Volkl for the opportunity to playtest and it was an enjoyable playtest.
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