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Originally Posted by hmd View Post
My 13 yo son been playing with ppa ( thanks to this thread) for the last 18 months. As his topspin stroke develops we notice the ppa moves like crazy just after 1 hour of hitting. He break the string in about 15 hours.

Any other string suggestion? Or just live with the string movement?

Deal with the string movement. PPA is fairly resistant to string movement for a multi.

Originally Posted by ASH1485 View Post
Question to Mikeler ( or any one who can help ),

any thing plays like Tecnifibre NRG2 but with more spin potential ?

i like the strings alot but i am not getting any spin out of it, its great for hitting flat though.

Check out post #1 of this thread for links to all my reviews. I agree that NRG2 16 just has no spin potential but feels great on flat shots.

Originally Posted by finalfantasy7 View Post
biphase - also has more power
Or try this.
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