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I believe that the pain stems from a cycling accident and a partially separated, but stupidly untreated, shoulder. Or maybe I sleep funny? Or maybe I am old and years of unstretched use are haunting me? Who knows why? The pain is almost always at the top and towards the front. The pain is frequent. Most motions, including carrying heavy objects below my waist, cause some degree of pain. It has been two months, or nearly that long that I have has at least a twinge. The pain is NEVER searing. I don't take NSAIDs or use creams, just ice. I can't really take off from tennis as I have a 12 year old son who needs a "hitting partner" to keep his edge and I cannot afford to hire one in addition to camps, lessons and clinics. i would love to play age group tennis as helping my son to learn the game has reawakened the college-level competitor in me. I am trying to avoid a medical visit as I will not take pills. I would stretch or even do pt if it fit into my already jammed daily schedule.
Your pain location, frequency and limitations sound very much like mine before I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear, which is also common along with or following dislocation/separation. If your legs are fine, I would run, not walk, to the best ortho who specializes in shoulders I could find. Mine required surgery and 18 months of rehab before it felt good again.
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