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Originally Posted by Roger Wawrinka View Post
Hey guys, I had a question about pro stock racquets. For example, Marcos Baghdatis. He is said to use a head speed but I am pretty sure he does not use it. Correct me if I am wrong but I think he is still using a tecnifibre. Same with Grigor Dimitrov. He is said to use the 90 but it is a custom 93 head size. I know he used to use head so maybe it is a prestige mid or something. Anyways, my question is, are these players using head and tecnifibre racquets that are painted as a head and wilson? If so, are the racquet company's paying a lot of money for the player to use said brand?

I am sorry if I sound stupid guys I am just really interested in pro stock racquets and want to know a lot more about them.

Thanks, R.W
You 've got one part right. That players get paid by a brand to use paintjobs from this brand. Underneath these paintjobs there is a completely different racket. But NOT from another brand. (sometimes this might be possible, i don't know for sure). e.g Murray has a radical pro paintjob over an old pt57a manufactured by head. Same for Federer, Djokovic, Berdych and basically any other player. Nadal as far as i know uses an altererd version of his aero pro drive without the cortex system (i't painted on). Anyway pro stock rackets are basically rackets with different specs than retail (e.g flex) and are coming out from the factory really light so that they can be customized according to each players needs. So basically with one mold e.g TGK260.2 can be produced 1000 different combination of specs hence rackets.
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