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Me--5.0+ baseliner 2 hands on both sides.

Racquet--Becker V1 OS Mid-tension (55 lbs)

Regular String Set up---Always changing, rarely if ever have a go-to string, but have lately been experimenting with very loosely strung polys & syn guts.

I had no issues stringing it up on my Klippermate.

Power: I'd give it 7 out of 10. Definitely more powerful than the Volkl Cyclone I had in the racquet prior, & definitely not an uncontrollable power (although control is absolutely not an issue with my game regardless of string & setup)

Feel: Again 7 out of 10. No complaints here, again better than Cyclone.

Spin: I can't give it a rating b/c I don't generate much spin even with the 'most spin' strings & it did nothing to impact me positive or negative.

Comfort: 10 out of 10. More comfortable than Cyclone & other polys I've used, but discomfort is never an issue with me with any strings.

Durability: 10/10 I only played with it about 6 hours, but no issues whatsoever maintaining tension & no notching or movement.

Control: 10/10 Never an issue for me, I didn't notice anything lacked in the control department. Could swing freely w/o any issues anywhere in the court.

Thought the string was terrific for power & control on my groundies, terrific for volleys, but was very lacking (for whatever reason) with power for my serve. Did nothing to improve depth or power there.

I'd even try this string again & drop tension to 50 or lower.

I would compare this to Genesis Hex b/c I absolutely loved that string & noticed very similar playability & as much as I prefer syn guts, I would go back to V-Torque & Hex again & again if I wasn't into trying all different strings. Not to mention my favorite color is green & that automatically made this string intriguing for me to try again.

Thank you very much for the play test opportunity, sorry for the deadline posting & I look forward to more in the future.
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