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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
I'll have to read up on Vortex. I confess I know zero re their strings and frames.
Don't worry nobody has. They are a small company who came out with the 99s string pattern long before the 99s came out. (14 x 17 pattern and as open as 14x15 on some models)

Having said that far I do like the 99s better....but it's only been one day.

The point is that they have been at this longer than Wilson has and therefore have developed a wide selection of strings that will not break easily with such a wide pattern.

What's funny to me is that Vortex users have been saying this idea of an open string pattern is great but no one listened or would even try it . And now that Wilson has come out with it the laughter has stopped and it's now the greatest thing since sliced bread . ( by the way what's so great about sliced bread)?
Check them out here:
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