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The funny thing is that I don't think that the h22 actually plays like a radical in many of its layups, it flexes in different places and has more weight in the hoop from the factory. The head on the radical I suspect is more flexy and a little more forgiving but not as powerful.

I guess you would have to buy all of the tight pattern radicals and compare them, which I haven't done.

The H19 on the other hand has a flexier head, close match for that one I think is the TGT 293.2 with lead in the head..

Many of these Wilson pro stocks I suspect feel so solid and hit with heaps of plough due to the mass in the head. Not so good if you want a balance under 32 and an overall weight under 350 though. At 360, yes, but that's getting hefty for some.

Forget the Speed Pro Graphene, does anyone out there have anything to add on the h19/h22/p25/h25/pro stock blade front? Once this is brought up, all I can hear is crickets!

As an aside, I'm thinking of stringing the h22 open patterns I have that are absolute cannons but hurt my arm even looking at them with gut mains, anyone out there done this? It would make sense on the h22, surprised I hadn't tried it earlier but I guess was worried about control issues?

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