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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Luiz's goal, incredible i'm still trying to work out how he got so much movement on the ball. Schwarzer is a great keeper but he couldn't get close.
Simple answer: he's Brazilian. Being from Brazil automatically means you can do outworldly things with the ball when the situation calls for it. We had a dude last week come out for our weekly indoor game and he claimed that despite being Brazilian (he's an exchange student), he wasn't very good and was probably worse than all of us. Turns out his definition of "not very good" was much different than what we define as "not very good". We have a number of guys that come out who played for the local community college (the #1 community college program in the country) as well as a good deal of guys who played at Real Salt Lake's residential academy which is an hour up the road from here.

He made them all look like they'd never played the game before. Tricks, skills, no-look passes, shots from half-court, etc.... It was absurd.
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