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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
And in more Armstrong-related news... The International Cycling Union now confirms what anyone with a brain already knew - that they are inept, completely incapable of managing their own sport and have been for over 14 years and probably corrupt also.

Armstrong tested positive not once but four times in 1999 and they let it slide.
Of course they let it slide.

Its called profit. What Lance was doing actually had people caring about cycling in America for like 3 weeks a year instead of 2. Nike made money off of him, the cancer poeple made money off of him. Oakley etc...

Heck the only people that were not making money off of him was the USPS. But they cant make money off anyone or anything for various reasons.

Everyone with a brain knew he was cheating, just like they knew Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, and all those baseball guys were cheating. People turn a blind eye to the NFL and NBA but they cheat as well.. Baseball ignored the situation to make tons of money. The players didnt bring it up or simply said no comment.

My issue with Lance is how he personally attacked any person who wrote or said anything negative about him in that regard. And for that deserves evrything he gets and more.
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