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Personally, I cannot learn the 2 hander any more. I tried a few times, and gave up. But I am different in that I have improved by 1 hander tremendously. Just this Tuesday, a guy in the club said how superb my technique is. I have achieved this by not cheating to the backhand side, and even taking forehand balls on the backhand. I also regularly calibrate myself against women playing the 2 hander. Even a 4.0 woman has a short-swing nasty cross-court BH abrupt shot, which is different from the long-swing, loopy shots of the 1 hander males. I make sure I can deal with those. The only balls which still get me now are the high bouncing ones coming straight into the body when I am not ready. I now get most of them back by stepping back and looping, or playing the slice, but once in a while I do get caught napping.
Most guys can hit 1hbh at the rec level fine. Even with flaws. We don't see serious pace or spin.
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