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Originally Posted by Gasolina View Post
Just joined. Coming from the leaded RQiS Xl 95. Both racquets about the same weight and SW (did the racquet customization with TW). Got to hit tonight.

Immediately you notice the lack of spin compared to the RQiS. However the stick feels rock solid and is a joy on slices, volleys, and my flat 2hbh. Still finding the range on the forehand. Noticed some forehands going long first but once i got a grip of the "free power" i toned it down eventually.

It's a different feeling having all that free power on a players stick. Lets see if it can help me in long matches.

Serves feel more solid, but again a noticeable lack of spin.

Overall its looking good for now and hopefully its just not a honeymoon phase. Since i use a lot of spin in my game, its nice to have a stick that helps me in my weak spots (volleys and serving).
If you end up liking it, you'd better stock up as they're no longer in production.
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