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Default best combined men and womem era

There have been a few
The 20' s had big single stars but lacked some depth
The 30' s women not too great
The early 50 had great female but not as good on the male side
In turn the top men of late 50 are probably the best group but no women stars
Middle to end 60 had a great combination with Laver,Rosewall,Court,King,Bueno,Newk and Santana
It would continue the whole 70 with the addition of Borg,Connors,Vilas,Ashe,Nastase,Evert,Cawley and Navratiiva so the 70' s had it all and a great diversity of styles either men or women
1980 - 81 is a very very special period with the legendary quators of Borg,Mac,Connors,Lendl and Chris,Tracy,Martina and Hana with other greats like King,Jaeger,Cawley,Shriver,Vilas,Tanner,Gerulaitis ,Kriek
IMO this two years mark the pinnacle of tennis if we combine men and girls
The second half 80 were great at men and poor at ladies
But there is another great era in the early 90 with Becker,Edberg,AA,Pete, Courier as well as Graf,Seles,Sabatini,Sanchez and old Navy
Late 90-early 2000 instead had a great women era with Martina,Lindsay,Anna,Jenny and the young Williams but weak men field
In the last years it s been very competitive at both men&Women but no variety at all
So I take early 70, early 80 and early 90 as the best moments for great men& women tennis
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