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Default a tribute to Panatta

One of the greatest Cc players of the wonderful 70
The only man able to beat Borg TWICE at RG which he won in 76 saving 7 mp in his first round match
He had won Rome two weeks before beating in the final the other monster of cc Vilas
Again saved many mp in round one
Won Stockholm indoors against Connors and beat most of top players of that unique decade
Reached two times FO semis and Wimbledon qf
Played 4 DC finals ALL OF THEM AWAY winning one title
No connaiseur doubts he would have won more titles had Italy played more finals at Rome
Latin lover with unique looks and personality loved by women anywhere
One of the last romantics with a unique S&V game...on clay rounded up with great touch shots either at baseline or net
Famous tactical sense, solid baseline play, big serve, big fh, unique drop shots either at the net or at the ground...and the best ever high bh volley
Poetry in motion
Could beat anybody any time but never tried hard since he enjoyed life, pasta and nautic races
So disappointing this guy would be criticized for most part of a match with his indolent look and play then would get a 5 min standing ovation with a couple of shots that only a God given talent could achieve
He was able to baggel Lendl and then lose to a journeyman
Guys like him made the 70 the greatest decade ever in tennis, never seen again such a kind if player
Ah maybe cause he was a ball boy when a kid like Nastase,Santana or Orantes?
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